Artist, author and consultant

Funny course, off the beaten track and surprising on a resume. However, the sense of observation and the ability to take a step back, necessary when working on a painting, a sculpture or the writing of a book, have proven to be very useful reflexes for counseling . Similarly, the need to architect and then structure a composition or a story, from a sketch, is also found in the design process of information systems. For an artistic or literary realization to take shape, it is then necessary to specify the lines and the axes which will carry its subject, then the movements with the evolutions and their progressions, finally, it is necessary to find the right tone as well as a balance and a general harmony. The objective is to give an impression of obviousness without the efforts being perceptible.

It is a similar approach for a consulting service, only the tools differ: to identify the problem, to architect and structure a solution, to support and develop it, to write documents presenting it in a clear and intelligible way, often explaining in a simple way complex things. Here too, the presentation and writing must be harmonious and attractive (pity for the recipients of the "cobblestones" produced by the consultants!). We must make the concepts as well as the obvious and natural solutions.

Whether you are working on a performance or an artistic or literary work, the aim is not to please yourself, but rather to provide the most appropriate solutions for the company and its collaborators, or to carry out something that will be a window off the everyday for the reader or the viewer.

To create is not only to imagine, but it is also to render account, to testify of the time. For this you have to live in the "real world" and rub shoulders with the company, which proves to be an excellent school and a field of observation of the most exciting.

Finally, being an artist, writer and consultant at the same time, it is not so crazy, but rather compatible and complementary.



To the sands of endless summer days
Come lapping waves of time,
One by one, came to the shore, in full
And loose, that swept all the winds.

Born from breaking waves, bubbling,
The foam flew to the skies in become.

Sprung from deep and teeming waters
Of all life, they are iridescent in future.

Thus, coiled in pearl shell,
The foam fuses, animates then she dances
To the infinite of moments, to the eternity
So fragile of long summer days in leaving.

Forgotten tales and poems with illustrations
(Amazon.fr or lulu.com)



To conceive a book, whatever the genre, is first of all to have a story to tell carried by characters who, often, only make their heads. What constitutes the frame.

But it is also, over the course of this story, to enrich it, more or less deliberately or consciously, its own philosophical reflections, metaphysical and other divagations, which compose the backdrop.

All that remains is to express all of this by finding the right tone and the wording most suited to the subject and the story, but also of natures to best serve the progression of the story as the characters.

When you slip in a bit of poetry and a part of dream, it becomes possible to create a particular universe where the characters evolve naturally, where the story takes shape.

That's how I imagined and wrote all my books, around particular worlds, some of whose facets are found over several of them, while others are totally different and particular.

Libretto for a rock opera

Booklet to a rock opera built like an ancient drama in which the hero dialogues with choirs, both offset and timeless.

Science fiction

Retracing the journey of an explorer to discover another world, in which he has for only fellow the board computer that has a certain personality.

New - novels

Series of news telling a same day view by different members of the circus with their dramas, their joys, their lives.

Serie of news each talling its hero.

Fresco on several periods of lifes through events, news, felt ... air time.

Set of poems with their illustrations, drawings pen and pastels, along with a collection of stories that told of Time Traveller long day.

With drawings pen and pastels that relate the course of these timeless characters that are Time Travellers.

Witness - account

The Justice of Predators
Where are note the chronics, non-romanticized, of the struggles of an entrepreneurs family face the harassment of all kinds.

Legends - fantastic

Set of 11 volumes gathered in five volumes, including a collection of poems, in four parts, each illustrated by a painting or a sculpture or a drawing or engraving who find themselves, for some, in other volumes where is composing the history of this planet by will of songs, some passages back, similar and different, refrains Times.


Author and characters

To imagine, to feel, to seek, to innovate, to testify with lucidity and impertinence, to tell ... and to create, to express our emotions, our reflections, or our vision of the world, in short our universe.

But, if the artist puts into his (her) work what makes his (her) point, many things slip in spite of himself.

However, the viewer sees what he (she) wants to see according to his (her) culture, but also what his (her) own imagination suggests.

So come, let yourself be carried away by your imagination to some elsewhere following the Man, Son of Person from the Forgotten Tales, or the Baladins of the Tales of the Carrousel, or even the Gallic Explorer of the Travel Diary from Elsewhere, unless you prefer to meet Marc, Sylvie, Hervé, Annie and their friends of Twenty years old in May, and After?


To a new day

The nocturnal clouds gradually withdraw
In heaven, where the star is still shining timeless.

While at the horizon, the day stretches
In the rosy clouds in the light unreal
From an orange sun that bathes the waves,
By reflections rippling between blue skies
Deep and pastels from the east. The spray of water
Vaulting over the waves, then come and lost in vows

On the sand where born the cliffs, the rocks
Soon mountains in sharp peaks, ripping
The nocturnal clouds to flight before sunrise
Of this new day, just bloom already shimmering.

(Of Grieves ... by Words, Along moons ... along destinies)